Posted by: Brie | February 2, 2015

On the Borderland of Soul

A Lionhearted Journey towards Authenticity©


When the skyline falls

into the star-studded midnight blue

and a solitary Swallow

slips into a slipstream fading from view

This is the moment

when all that is so dear

feels intimately near

beautiful here

becomes the dark too

This is where I stand in awe

this soul so imperfectly embodied

I could not ask for more

standing on the borderland of Soul

What in this moment shall I believe?

when the world runs according to a particular order

Who holds the key to life’s mystery?

In this moment then with its simple beauty

I shall believe

this experience internally

not what I am told to see

but this indescribable energy

delicately enfolding me

How do I describe?

what spills into and over me

that which has no external source

Overjoyed I am

with this sensation that belongs to no one

It originates within the soul fountain

There is a…

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