Posted by: Brie | January 4, 2013

Wake Up Supergoddess! It’s 2013!

In the midst of winter I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.

– Albert Camus


I too have been overwhelmed by the negativity – a young woman dies after brutal gang rape in India, a classroom of children are downed by a gunman, all of this after a 14-year-old girl is shot in the head by a terrorist and a 15-year-old girl is bullied to death by her classmates.  I do not want to gloss over the terrors the world has recently seen.  I have not known how to retrieve my pen from the rubble of this planetary dis–ease to communicate but in poetry over the last month.  So I didn’t blog in December.

Now here we are in January amidst it all, wondering which way to turn.  Our past patterns may have taught us to turn upon ourselves, finding ways to hurt ourselves to numb the pain.  Sometimes it’s starving, or stuffing ourselves with food or drink or substance.  But this reflects the old way, the way our unconscious once moved like shifting earth beneath the weight of snows.  It is the way of dark and cold, the way of winter.  What if this pain, this collective planetary pain reflecting as our personal pain could be the compost of our lives?  What if beneath the heavy frost of winter, new life arose.  The Mayan Medicine man I trained with years ago shared with me a cosmology that has helped me make sense of the world today.  Much of what we have seen reflects the winter season that has cloaked the earth in darkness.  But take heart, my little sisters, the best is yet to come.


 Image shared by Shannon Port

The Mayans described 2103 as the birth of the springtime of the earth, that we are through the eye of the needle having ushered in the age of Aquarius.  As I was taught twelve years ago, I sat in meditation at 2:11 am in the wee hours of December 21st, 2012, and saw a dove being released, fluttering free before my heart.  I saw rings of people sitting in concentric circles in meditation and felt an intense energy circulating through my system out through the crown of my head.  I felt our united humanity.

CNN just announced a worldwide movement toward ending violence against women.  I am encouraged.  Women in Nepal are rallying in front of their Prime Minister for a safter world for women.  I am encouraged.  Thanks to Eve Ensler’s V-Day, Somalia is about to hold its first woman-driven rally for peace for women.  I am encouraged.  New Hampshire has become the first state to have an all-woman congress.  I am encouraged.


Lets lay our healing in the lap of our feeling. We can rock our issues forth from our tissues and commit to being a part of creating the new consciousness.  Rather than numbing them, or pushing them aside, let’s simply feel them all the way through, then lift the veil that they present and peek beneath them.  Who are you beneath your stories?

I for one want to turn my face toward the sun that every day continues to rise and shine and set before us, painting our world with beauty. All the sun seeks to do is radiate, regardless of the ragged world around her.  So is it with us. When we gently turn our attention inward and open to our radiance outward, we can know this light and truth that is who we all are. Long may we shine, sister, and may we, in all our words, actions, and intentions light the way forth for those that need this light the most.


In the words of my visionary sister Shannon Port, Women are uniting in the Heart. We are remembering that we are One Woman. We could never really compete with each other for anything. The illusion taught us that we could be threatened by another woman. It taught us a false belief that we had to compete for love. This has never been so. All that is Real belongs to all of us. Nothing that is real can ever be taken away. Anything that is won by the false will perish. The Truth will remain when all else is gone. We are one Body and Soul with one purpose. This lifetime is only a flash and everything in the material world changes. The young grow old and the old grow young again. To compete in the physical realm is to be in bondage of the Ego. The Spirit is alive in every Woman in the world. All are expressions of the Divine Primordial Woman.

The most important thing to do now is to check in with our Self and make sure that every one of our thoughts, words and feelings is aligned with the knowing that we are One. When we align with this KNOWING – the Force of Love will work Miracles through our Presence in the World. The old paradigm divided women and caused them to work against each other keeping them from UNITY. The support for this paradigm has left the planet. Anyone who chooses to stay in it will be shaken quite dramatically. We are moving into the knowing of our Oneness. When we align with Oneness willingly, we will be supported by the Universe in ways we never even imagined. The Feminine is being restored to its auspicious place in the World. Those who hold the Vibration of Love in their Heart will be the Teachers, Healers and Leaders of the New Era.


 Venus being birthed from the center of the galaxy, shared by Shannon Port

So this 2013, I ask you, What do you dream of?

I dream of giggles and gigs galore, good books, loving food choices, saunas, a new book unfolding, friendships with little girls that remind me of when I was five, alignment with partners that feel the magic of this work, sisterhood with women, and conscious relating with all.  I release the old – mental attachment to stories, doubt, thinking I know how things should go, trading old habits of mind in for surrender, softness, and receptivity amidst the storms of life.

2013 is a good time to dream.  There is a momentum building.  I believe in our potential to set a new course.  2013 has been coined the year of the Goddess.  What sister, do you dream of, and more importantly, how will you serve?


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