Posted by: Brie | August 31, 2012

Love the Skin You’re In Source It From Within – An Inner Peace Activism Campaign

Over the last year I have been witnessing the escalating momentum of women’s organizations leading a social change charge around our mass depiction in the media.  From Miss Representation‘s stellar documentary film to Spark a Movement‘s steadfast campaigns, I have known sisterhood in this plight to make the world a softer place for young women.  On the celebrity front, Ashley Judd issued a commanding cry for women to stop participating in the looks-based judgment that hurts us all; Demi Lovato took a stand for her natural curves; and Lady Gaga called out the bullying phenomenon that has resulted in so many young people no longer being with us.

All of this leads me to consider Love the Skin You’re In‘s role within the mix.  What is our facet of the diamond that represents activism?  Since its inception, this campaign has been a reflection of my inner life.  I have sought to lift the veils on media industries with a vision of empowering a transformed generation of young women that, because they don’t buy in, grow up strong and free with their intelligence presenting a spiritual chalice for the world.

As I reflect on what created my own recovery and enabled this dream, I recognize the critical tiles in the mosaic of an authentic transition to a happier, more peaceful and more engaged life: pyschotherapy, writing, dancing, Zen practice and Yoga.  This is when it dawned on me that the most powerful nugget I share with young women is a reflection of their own radiance.  It’s about our power to put inner peace in our own hands.

  meditating at the San Francisco Airport waiting for my flight to New Zealand

I think of the young women at one school lined up along the shower wall in the girls change room, some of them cutting, others dieting and not feeling so hot in their skin, now feeling their breath and body, letting their peripheral vision fall open and practicing mindfulness for the first time.  I think of Santa Catalina School that hosted a full afternoon-long workshop devoted to these self-care practices.  And I think of the long line of young women who used the presentation to catalyze change.  From engaging a psychotherapy journey to recognizing the need for more self-love, young women have responded.

 Yoga and Mindfulness Workshop at Santa Catalina School, Autumn, 2011

This response has ignited our new movement:  Love the Skin You’re In Source It from Within.  I have put this movement in the hands of some of my more active 13-year-old facebook friends.  “What do you want it to look like?”, I asked Jasmine Miller from Gravenhurst in Ontario, Canada.

Jasmine Miller, Campaign Manager

Her answer came in the form of a video diary:  everything.  So here I am inviting you to check us out on facebook:  I do not know what this campaign will look like three years hence – its style and form will be born of the young women who bless it.  But of this I am sure: the love and energy I am witness to are cause for celebration.

On this blue moon, the eve of my birthday, I celebrate the inherent radiance of every young woman.

Girl it ain’t no matter if you’re fat or thin 

What matters is the light that we are marinatin’ in

So set yourself free like an exploded star

‘Cuz that is the truth of who you are

Thank you Jasmine Miller, Holly Smith, Lindsay Tweedle, and every other supporter out there who has given us a thumbs up.  This was the best birthday present ever!  The world doesn’t know what it’s got comin’.

Below: Jasmine Miller, Holly Smith, and Lindsay Tweedle, Campaign Content Creators

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