Posted by: Brie | July 16, 2012

Five Ways to Love the Skin You’re In This Summer

 Summer is upon us – a season of sunshine, skin, and celebration.  But for many, this is a time when the emphasis on outer appearances can quickly turn into an inner burn.  We can care for ourselves by remembering the importance of self-love amidst the sizzle!  Here are five ways to love the skin you’re in this summer.

1.)  Morning Meditation

Welcome yourself into your day by taking twenty minutes to feel your breath moving in and out of the body at the navel, soften the muscles of the face and belly, and let yourself be breathed.  This will set a nurturing tone for your day.  Furthermore, when we move our attention to explore our bodies on the level of sensation and temperature, we disengage the mental chatter and give ourselves the gift of simply being.


2.)  Get Your Groove On

Set aside time for some form of bodily movement.  From yoga, to dance, to a brisk morning beach walk, prioritizing movement revitalizes our cells, promotes the flow and elimination of toxins through the body, and enhances mood.


3.) Juice Your Way Into Your Day

Fresh homemade juices lovingly prepared first thing in the morning in your blender or vitamix will provide your cells with optimum nutrition and  absorption.  Throw some kale and chia seeds into any blend of berries, add a banana and an avocado, and watch how the chlorophyll and omega 3s kick-start your body into its happy place.


4.)  Do One Thing A Day to Nurture Yourself

Only you can know what loves you up the most.  I love positive affirmations, massages, reflexology, pedicures, tinkering in the garden, taking time out to read my favorite book in a hammock, watching the sunset, playing with a child, and writing in my diary.  When we  create time for activities that nourish us, we set a precedent for self-respect.


Courtesy of Allyson Haller

5.) Give Back

Giving back not only offers a gift to someone else’s life, it also presents the opportunity to maintain our sense of perspective on the things that really count and make life worth living.  Remember that beauty is a light in the heart.  Our hearts open in every direction.  As within so without.

Thanks for reading.  Happy summer, sisters!


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