Posted by: Brie | April 30, 2012

Faery Revelation


Soft upon a midnight wing

Life echoing from her pluck’d strings

She hath heard the angels sing

In soft articulation


Where all the coral bells do ring

To the forest she did bring

A Goddess made of everything

The breath of inspiration


And through the grasses spun with dew

The faeries wind with joy’s imbue

Pausing for a sip or two

Of moondrop satiation


Then to her forest grove they swell

That place where eve-kissed boughs do dwell

Far from the city’s urgent yell

In the woods of eve’s elation


And here she bravely sings her song

All worldly worries long begone

Here where the faeries hold her strong

In the place of lies’ cremation


They all dance long into the night

In rhythmic reverence of the light

Needing nothing, heeding sight

In this glorious salutation


For look now o’er on yonder hill

Through the mists that valleys fill

Casting golden heaven-spill

All across creation


They all bow low across the lands

The tides do turn in this great dance

Enter the lover of all plants

Maker of celebration


Forest dwellers everywhere

Teary gulps of morning air

The gift of life’s a grand affair

Sweet dawn of revelation


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