Posted by: Brie | October 30, 2011

Dancing in the Wild

Every once in a while we experience something so radically different than what was known before that we are fairly blown away. I had this experience last weekend on the cliffs of Wilder Ranch just north of Santa Cruz along highway 1. I have my friend Deborah to thank for inviting me to what has become my new favourite (Can sp) way to boogie my beauty. Ten of us were met by Brad Schwan who hooked us up with synced ipods to set us loose in nature that we might follow the whims of our hearts.

As someone who has never experienced an LSD trip, I had the faint feeling that my mind was suddenly altered. Deborah and I giggled at how the flowers that lined the path seemed taller than we did and we returned to the untethered innocence of childhood. We held hands. We skipped, suddenly winged. Our hearts billowed up so high in our chests it felt like they would float right out of our bodies. And they nearly did.

Later, the vast freedom of the wilds engulfed my body’s deepest tribal yearnings to dance upon the earth. Deep blue sea as their witness, these two promidial forces married one another. Pelicans swooped low and dolphins dipped their delight as the sun melted into the horizon as if to say, ‘here you are, here you are at last where you were always meant to be – alive in the freedom and the beauty that you are, needing nothing, alive as everything.’ Our feet pounded out the beats of our heart and there remained nothing between us and joy. It was among the closest experiences to heaven on earth I have ever tasted. Symphonically intimate. Sweetly fulfilling. Ecstatic.

No mirrors. No walls. No ceilings. Just a wide open expanse, my breath and my body.

Brad is based in Marin but he is branching this ecstatic art form out. Like his offering on facebook under Dance in the wild. And find him and tell me how it made you feel. My guess is you’ll say ‘free.’

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