Posted by: Brie | September 8, 2011


I am contemplating the virtuous characteristics we can embody as a way of cultivating a meaningful dialogue for 21st Century women amidst the onslaught of one dimensionality the media would have us buy.  Take felicity, for example, which means joy.

I was first introduced to the word when when I enterred the pages of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s The Story Girl  in my early teenage years. As an Anne of Green Gables freak whose love of Maud’s writing had me enrapt with all her books, my love affair with felicity began at age 11 when I devoured the series about a story-telling heroine scarcely past my age and was introduced to one of the central characters that formed part of her flock.  The word has stayed with me ever since.  As a name, Felicity means happiness or bliss.  I can’t imagine a greater sweetness.

It strikes me that taking steps toward felicity would do a whole lotta girls a whole lotta good.  This, as an option, presents a depth of exploration.  What creates lasting joy?  What makes us happy?   Where do we need to go inside us to find the real bubbles of bliss?

The word beautiful has been fairly pillaged by the media, but felicity, which speaks to the deeper truth of that which we’re seeking, barely touched.  So, my fetching-hearted feminine friends…

Come walk with me

And let us be

Abundant with


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