Posted by: Brie | August 31, 2011

In a Spirit of Trust

I am contemplating trust these days and what am I discovering?  It begins within.  For me this process has been about realizing that it’s not just about ‘trusting myself’ but about trusting the inherent benevolence of life despite all the malheurs that the world is facing.  When I landed in California from Montreal it was to find my favourite plant poised and ready.  By the first morning I woke up, I was startled to discover the beginnings of a new leaf sprouting.  This plant hasn’t bloomed a new leaf in years.  What had I done differently?  The night I arrived home, I had turned  its delicately arched stem, which looks so elegant beneath the art it  so verdantly frames, to face the sun.  The one leaf it has forever known is drinking in so much photosynthesis  that it has sparked a baby leaf to join the realm of the living.  And of course I’m taking the whole experience as a welcome back to Carmel-by-the-Sea, Brie!

The plant behind my chaise-lounge that I so adore is a metaphor for life.  There is an energy that, when we connect to it, is like sunlight for our beings.  So often with all the pressures and stresses of life, we forget to connect to that source of life and our light goes out.  This is when we can get pulled under by thoughts that do not reflect our radiance, drawn into mythologies that do not honour us, and coerced into running on fear.  We lose sight of the source when we don’t take the time to remember and honour that which first breathed life into us.

My commitment for the next year is to surrender to the heart, to trust the force that put me here and to let life bloom through me in all its power and mystery.  I vow to remember to turn and face the sun.

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